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Schulberg is a renowned international marketing & production executive, who has worked on both sides of the Atlantic and is sought after for his strategic vision and global branding expertise. He ran all marketing activities for $300+ million Hallmark Entertainment during a near ten-year term at the company.   
During his tenure, he produced hundreds of trailers and crafted the domestic and international branding campaigns for the company’s annual production slate of 60-80 movies and miniseries.  in addition, Schulberg managed all corporate branding and served as chief communications & marketing interface for the Company’s multiple rounds of private and public Wall Street financing.  He also helped launch and brand Hallmark cable channels in 26 countries around the world. 
During his tenure, Hallmark was the leading supplier of original primetime content to the American  
television market.  The Company also earned the highest ratings and won more awards than any other  
primetime content delivery company. 
Subsequent to his time at Hallmark, Schulberg served as Sr. VP for Paris-based Pandora Cinema, running all marketing activities for the company responsible for Oscar-winners “Like Water for Chocolate,” “Kolya” and “Shine.”  Productions for which Schulberg was responsible  
In addition to his commercial activities, Schulberg has always been guided by the need to give back.  Throughout his life and career, he has always found time and resources to do pro bono work in the field of social justice.  His first foray into social justice came when he served as the youngest (16-year-old) marshal for Dr. Martin Luther King’s and Ralph Abernathy’s Poor Peoples Campaign in Washington DC in 1968.  Other career highlights include production of a benefit for the homeless at NYC’s famed Roxy with music by Kid Creole and the Coconuts and poster by Keith Haring, and an international Peace Concert, featuring Richie Havens on the 40th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.   
Today, KC is a leading Member of Naples-based social justice non-profit Collier Freedom and served as Executive Director of Calusa Waterkeeper from 2018-2021, the Lee County clean water non-profit and member of the International Waterkeeper Alliance.   
Schulberg’s strengths lie in corporate branding, market positioning, international communications, press relations, major event production, public speaking, film, video and trailer production, film distribution and international film festival premieres, script writing, script doctoring, ghost writing, graphics layout, logo design, non-profit support and fundraising. 
Examples of selected trailers and logo designs are below.  

Public Speaking
Public Relation
Press Release

Script Doctoring

NonProfit Support
Community Organizing

Event Production
Video Production
Trailer Production
Graphic Design

Select video trailers

Troubled Waters is a documentary exploring the human health impacts and emerging medical science of harmful algal blooms (blue-green algae and red tide). The film showcases many experts from around the country weighing in on Southwest Florida's water quality issues and their potential health effects. Tickets: https://calusawaterkeeper ...

Troubled Waters Trailer

Eternal Vigilance: Fighting to Restore the Estero Bay Tributaries will be an exclusive documentary film produced by Calusa Waterkeeper and Cat Chase Productions, highlighting the SWFL community's efforts to protect and restore these imperiled waterways over the last 30 years. https://calusawaterkeeper.org/estero/

Eternal Vigilance Trailer

Gulliver's Travels Trailer 1995Director: Charles SturriogeStarring: John Gielgud, Mary Steenburgen, Ned Beatty, Omar Sharif, Peter O'Toole, Ted DansonOfficia...

Gulliver's Travels Trailer 1995 - YouTube

Presentation video for Crystal Content, a French hi-tech company specialized in pattern recognition using artificial intelligence to automatically detect various forms of video, particularly for the recognition and screening of unwanted pornography.  Video produced, directed and narrated by KC Schulberg www.youtube.com

Presentation de Crystal Content.

Select logo treatments

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